Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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  • Customizable profile - simple dictation setup to complete document management

  • One-click process for uploading dictation files

  • Online voice file and report tracking

  • Electronic Signature

  • Online help documentation

  • Send a message function (128 bit encryption)

  • Confidential and Secure:

  • PIPEDA/HIPAA compliant

  • Network and application firewall and virus filtering

  • Password authentication

  • Last login information

  • Inactivity timers

  • Application, network, and security monitoring 24/7



  • No software installation or associated costs

  • Use only those services necessary for your practice

  • Accessible via any telephone using our toll-free service

  • Fully compatible with your digital recorder

  • Dictate, view, download, fax, or print your files at your convenience

  • Online activity logs and reports to monitor the workload statistics

  • Monthly itemized per-line billing (65-character line including spaces)

  • Consider the cost savings as compared to on-site staff:

  • No hiring/training costs

  • No payroll/WSIB costs

  • No sick day pay

  • No vacation pay

  • No benefit costs