Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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SwiftCharts is a Canadian company with Canadian transcriptionists.  Work is never outsourced offshore.

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Let us take the worry out of your transcription workload.  As your sole medical/legal transcription service provider or to help with your overflow work and backlog, we are just a telephone call away.

We offer:

  • Web-based digital dictation and transcription

  • Toll-free service for call-in dictation

  • Voice file transfer from your digital handheld device

  • PIPEDA/HIPAA compliance

  • Accuracy rate of 98% or better

  • Various turn around times - 6, 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours

  • Competitive pricing based on a 65-character line including spaces

We specialize in:

  • Independent Medical Examinations (psychology, neurology, internal medicine, rheumatology, orthopaedic, chiropractic, occupational health, physical therapy, etc.)

  • Vocational Assessments

  • Functional Ability Examinations

  • Functional Capacity Examinations

  • Consultations (internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, respirology, pediatric, OB/GYN, etc.)


optical flares for after effect + pro presets + pro presets 2 + tutorials

optical flares for after effect + pro presets + pro presets 2 + tutorials
year: 2011 | language: english | pc | version: 1. 2. 321 | developer: videocopilot | 32bit +64 bit | 497 mb
home page
video copilot: optical flares - brand new luxury plug-in for after effects, which allows you to create realistic effects of outbreaks of lenses (lens flares), blinding glare, to emulate the spotlight, and much more! Modify and customize these effects are possible with astonishing speed iprostotoy! oem visual studio 2012 ultimate
key features:
- intuitive user interface
- support texture
- 12 major facilities for the construction of glare (lens flares)
- 60 built-in presets
- 50 additional presets (pro presets)
- ability to modify and customize each object
- 100% working crack within the archive

system requirements:
pc compatible. After effects 7, cs3 & cs4 + cs5, recommended cards:
nvidia geforce 7000 series
nvidia geforce 8000 series
nvidia geforce 9000 series
nvidia geforce cc series
nvidia quadro fx series
ati x1300 and above on windows

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national treasure: book of secrets (2007) 720p-brrip-x264 cc

national treasure: book of secrets (2007) 720p-brrip-x264 cc
imdb info
language: english
124 min | 720p brrip | 1280 x 532 | x264 - 1767 kbps | 23. How do i transfer adobe acrobat pro serial number 976fps | aac - 384kbps | 1. 87 gib
genre: action | adventure | mystery

treasure hunter benjamin franklin gates looks to discover the truth behind the assassination of abraham lincoln, by uncovering the mystery within the 18 pages missing from assassin john wilkes booth's diary.



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mirror 2 :

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troy stetina - beginning rock rhythm guitar - instructional dvd for guitar

troy stetina - beginning rock rhythm guitar - instructional dvd for guitar
english | 624x464 | xvid | 29. 97fps 3492knps | mp3 224kbps 48. 0khz | 1. 4gb
learn to play rock rhythms in the style of the beatles, led zeppelin, hendrix, clapton, van halen, pearl jam and more. All the essential rhythm techniques including power chords, barre chords, triad shapes, muting, chord progressions, pick harmonics, chord arpeggiation, riffs and more. This book also includes vital background information with each concept, giving you the theory behind the chops.

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the bbc sound effects library 1 & 2 wav (cd1-cd60) | 20. 6 gb[reupload]

the bbc sound effects library 1 & 2 wav (cd1-cd60) | 20. 6 gb

the bbc sound effects library gives you a limitless resource of royalty free sound. Meeting the highest industry standards, bbc offers a wide selection of sound clips recorded by bbc's top engineers. The original 40 cd series comprises a full complement of exterior atmospheres, household, interior backgrounds, comedy, fantasy, humor, communications, water, industry, cars, hospitals, equestrian events, livestock, agricultural machinery, horses, dogs, schools and crowds.

the bbc sound effects library, second edition, offers an astonishing variety of professional quality sound effects and ambiences from around the world, on 20 royalty free cds.

included in this collection are:

* trains, steam transport and steam engines
* "do it yourself" handyman and construction sounds
* domestic cats and more british birds
* emergency services: burglar alarms, police, fire and ambulance sound effects
* crowd ambiences
* everyday sounds from the surburbs
* two cds of footsteps, and nine new cds of international sound clips and ambiences, from countries in europe, asia & south america

cd 1 & 2 contents:

bbc 01 general sound effects
bbc 02 exterior atmospheres
bbc 03 household
bbc 04 interior backgrounds
bbc 05 transport
bbc 06 animals & birds
bbc 07 human crowds, children & footsteps
bbc 08 comedy, fantasy & humour
bbc 09 international
bbc 10 communications
bbc 11 water
bbc 12 british birds
bbc 13 industry
bbc 14 cities
bbc 15 natural atmospheres
bbc 16 cars
bbc 17 sport & leisure
bbc 18 bang!
bbc 19 electronically generated sounds
bbc 20 weather i
bbc 21 weather ii
bbc 22 ships & boats i
bbc 23 ships & boats ii
bbc 24 america
bbc 25 aircraft
bbc 26 china
bbc 27 babies
bbc 28 hospitals
bbc 29 africa: the human world
bbc 30 africa: the natural world
bbc 31 equestrian events
bbc 32 greece
bbc 33 adventure sports
bbc 34 livestock i
bbc 35 livestock ii
bbc 36 farm machinery
bbc 37 horses i
bbc 38 horses ii & dogs
bbc 39 schools & crowds
bbc 40 spain
bbc 41 trains
bbc 42 the age of steam
bbc 43 d. I. Y. And building
bbc 44 cats
bbc 45 "dial 999"
bbc 46 istanbul
bbc 47 british birds ii
bbc 48 crowds
bbc 49 suburbia
bbc 50 france - paris
bbc 51 london
bbc 52 exterior atmospheres ii: british rural bg
bbc 53 india and nepal: city life
bbc 54 india, pakistan and nepal: countryside
bbc 55 footsteps i
bbc 56 footsteps ii
bbc 57 urban south america
bbc 58 rural south america
bbc 59 hungary
bbc 60 the czech republic and slovakia

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art + auction - january 2011

art + auction - january 2011
english | pdf | cardinal pages | 39 mb[/center]
every thought provoking issue of art+auction takes you deep inside the world of art. The movers. The shakers. The deal makers. The established names. The young upstarts. The auction houses. The rare finds. The leading galleries both at home and around the globe. You need valid license # for photoshop cs3 extended for pc

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